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Manufactiring eyeglasses and sunglasses that stands the test of time.

Three Hippos ia a family-owned eyeglasses factory.Founded by eyewear skilled worker Pan in 1989 and started manufacturing sunglasses and optical glasses. Pan’s son peter pan took over circa 2016,and build a new factory with 6S quality management system. The new factory has completed in 2019.

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We are a factory that looks forward to be an everlasting company! To be the most reliable partner to our clients.

Injected sunglasses & eyeglasses

Injection is a processing method used for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Polymer pellets in different colors are fused and injected into molds through the presses to obtain semi-processed glasses frames.

Tr90 & PC Raw Material

Injected sunglasses and eyeglasses are usually made of TR90 or Plastic. Lightweight and unbreakable glasses frame.

Injection molds

Design your own sunglasses and custom glasses frame with logo.

Injected glasses polishing

The beauty treatment for eyewear with polishing wax,and make the surface of the glasses frames and temples smoother.

Metal frame glasses & sunglasses

Producing a metal frame require hundreds of steps. Such as metal printing, soldering, tumbling, galvanizing ,etc. Many of steps by hand with great skill and precision.

Metal glasses soldering

Metal glasses frames spot soldering by hand with great skill and precision.

Tumbling metal frame glasses

A beauty treatment for metal frame glasses that eliminate imperfections, makes the surface of the glasses frames and temples brilliant.

Eyewear quality control

To be a better sunglasses manufacturer ,Always deliver more than expected.

Acetate sunglasses

Metal sunglasses

TR90 sunglasses

Bamboo sunglasses

Plastic sunglasses

Titanium optical frame

optical frame

optical frame

optical frame

optical frame